Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chivalrous by Dina Sleiman

This is the second book in the Valiant Heart series and the second book I have read of Dina Sleiman's.  I got the book free in exchange for my honest review. I liked it.  It had the same flavor of the firstbook, but a definitely different story. You can read this book as stand alone, but I think by reading the first book, you understand one of the main characters better.  But you would love him just as much by not reading the first book.  It's kinda like knowing someone from your childhood or just meeting them today. You can love them the same, the second way just takes a bit longer.  The  story line is really well developed. I love a story of a feisty girl, but not because she is spoiled, rather because she has to be to survive. I also enjoy reading some from this time period. It is so different that the usual Victorian era.  Things are more primal in some ways and more elegant in others.  The author does a great job of letting you live in the era for a time and feel what they feel.  I give this book a solid 4 stars and look forward to reading more of Dina's books.