Monday, February 27, 2012

CDAC Progressive Challenge 12

Wow - is it just me or were the images absolutely fabulous this time?  I had a hard time deciding and plan on using them all at one time or another. I sat down one night and picked this image up and just started coloring it - so I guess it was my choice!  OR maybe it chose me...hehe...  Anyway - I LOVE it!  I searched a long time for a perfect saying for it and came up with "I hope we are never too old for ice cream and fancy dresses."  I thought that fit perfectly, although I never wear fancy dresses...but do enjoy them!  I added some liquid pearls to the one girls hair and glitter to the dress and hair of the other girl.  Some bling to make it fun.  The little flowers by the saying actually came from the kids section of Walmart (clearance of course!), They are stick on earrings!  Wish I got more. They are great for cards!  Kept my colors and card simple to focus on the image. I love Day For Daisies images. They are so crisp and clean and timeless. Come join us at Crafter's Digital Art Center for our next challenge and some free images!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toadily Happy and my first drawn freebie!

I am really excited to share this with you.  It is my first freebie that I drew.  I hope you enjoy him.  My friend, Leah, (she is 11) gave me this sweet little frog:
He inspired me to want to draw him and I thought it would be cute to put him in Leah's card.  I know she will be VERY impressed!  I drew him, scanned him and then put him into Paint (I like the older version of Paint from XP - you can download it online for free).  I went over the lines to darken it.  It was pretty easy. A bit time consuming - but here is the finished version for you to use and enjoy! (please let me know if you make a card using him - I would LOVE to see it!). 
And finally - here is my card and I included the envelope. I thought it came out pretty cool!  Enjoy!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

You're a REAL Carat!

This is the card I made for the very first challenge at the Crafter's Cafe Challenge blog.  Come join us!  There is still time to get in on the fun.  The theme was purple, red and pink.  WHAT FUN!!  Some of my favorite colors.  I used a free image from A Day For Daisies as they are the sponsor and I hope hope hope hope to win!!  I love their images. SO clean and fresh and CUTE!  This one was so sweet.  I was hoping to enter it in their Have a Heart challenge..but thought the date was the 18th to enter - and it was the 16th. Oops.. Oh well.. life goes on!!  The background is made from another of their free images from awhile ago. I just shrunk it down and repeated it to make a sweet little background. Dontcha just love the 3 little diamonds on the heart? I thought it complimented my word art very nicely! Anyway..enjoy the card and be sure there are more freebies coming soon!!  Hugs to all!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Card for Sebastian and a few Freebies!

Earlier on my blog, I asked everyone to make a card for Sebastian (see post here).  Here is my card and the word art I used. I am also putting on some Get Well word art for you to enjoy and use!  (I got some new fonts I am having SO much fun with! Stay tuned for more!! hehe)
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank you Freebie!

So, my friend Reni called me recently to ask me to make her a card for someone special who has really helped her out.  She is so thoughtful!  We all should think about the people in our life that might get overlooked and need to be thought about.  This was someone that had helped her out with insurance stuff.  Who is in your life that deserves a card??  Well, this person really liked Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  Reni wanted a card that featured them.  It was a real challenge.  I decided to do paper piecing.  Here is what I came up with:
It was really a blast to do!  My favorite part is Beaker's orange yarn hair.  I searched the house for what to use. Found an OLD bookmark that had that for the tassel!  How cool!  The Thank You is made from the periodic table. I created it on PrintMaster and thought I would share it with you!  Enjoy:

PS> If you got my last freebie, see below for a correction to it. SO SORRY!

Friday, February 10, 2012

What a dork!

OK, I feel like a real dork right now!  I was so excited to post some freebies that I never checked my spelling on my carrot/carat pun.  I put an O for the A in the carat.  I am so sorry for this. I hope that no one (like I did) went ahead and made a card or anything with it!  PLEASE FORGIVE ME!  Believe me, I have learned my lesson!  Never trust your brain - after all, I am blonde.  And now you all have proof of that... lol   Here is the corrected version:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Calling for help for Sebastian!

I just read about a wonderful little boy that needs our help. It's pretty simple. Just asking to send him a card.  He is having surgery on the 15th of February and we are hoping to fill up his room with a bunch of love from all over. Can you help him???  If so, find out the details here:  Ginger's House.  Leave me a note and let me know you are getting involved.  We can all use a little love and there's no better way to get it than to give it!

Gonna try to share some freebies..

Ok I am totally new at doing this, but wanted to give it a try. I wanted to offer some freebies to visitors to my site.  I hope I am doing this right.  I thought I would start out with some sentiments since they went with something I was creating today. I hope you enjoy them!!

PS> Yes, I know carot is spelled wrong if you mean carrot (the veggie) but I mean diamonds!!!
If anyone has any tips or suggestions feel free to email me (address on right side bar). THANKS!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A card and the problem with making cards...

First I will talk about the latest card I have. It is for the challenge at Crafter's Digital Art Center (CDAC).  We are now in challenge 11. The theme is 'Love will find a way'.  There were so many adorable images to choose from. I had a really hard time deciding.  I decided to combine two images from Sew Many Cards and Lauretta's Digital Stamps.  I thought it looked pretty cute when you put it all together. And it was fun to color (well, mostly, but more about that below).  It's hard to tell from the pic, but the chocolate ice cream has teeny tiny heart confetti in gold and silver in place of the sprinkles (it was a cover up because I goofed up the sprinkles! Oops!).  Here's the card:
Now on to the problem I have making cards. I was wondering if any of you also experience this dilemma??  I seem to have some issues with coloring every now and again.  It's like a warm fuzzy thing is holding down my hand and I can't color.  Here, I will show you the problem:

Oddly enough - this little fuzzy part is attached to a larger fuzzy part that likes to sleep RIGHT where I am trying to work.  The closer the better.  But just wait until you hear the noise it makes... purrr, purrrrr, purrrrrr.  How can a person get anything done?  And when its not sleeping.. It likes to paw through my box of paper scraps just to see what I have.  Can anyone help me with this?  Here's a pic of the other end.

And just so you can see why I can't just tell her no.. well, check out these pics:
So, has anyone else had this problem??  That's life with Gidget.  Keeps things interesting!! Have a good one!