Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr Seussims..

I have a book that is called Seuss-isms. It is really cute. Little quotes from the various books that have been written. Well I found one that fits my mood for today. It is as follows:

Please let me be.
Please go away.
I am NOT going
to get up today!

The picture is of a little boy in bed. Well, that is how I feel today. Not grouchy.. but sick. Not feeling my best. Chad also. In fact, we took him to the ER because he has a large bump on the side of his face and I am STILL convinced that it is a tooth abscess. The Dr. said it was just a skin infection and gave him antibiotics. But, we will see. Anyway.. hope I am not getting sick. I have a talk Tuesday night and need to get it together (besides what is written in my head). While exploring picture for tonights blog.. I came across an adorable poem supposedly written by Dr. Seuss (i kind of doubt that). I will include it in tomorrows blog. Something to look forward to!! g'night all.

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