Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gathering Shadows by Nancy Mehl

I recently received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.  I LOVED IT!  I mainly stick to Historical Fiction, but I do like a good mystery now and then. This was truly a GOOD mystery!  It kept me guessing all through the book.  I thought I had it figured out then something else happened to throw me off.  Its not only a mystery to be solved, but a lesson in forgiveness and finding yourself.  Being who you really are, no more, no less.  Makes you question if you are doing what you really want to in life and how God fits into that plan.  It is not preachy, but shows the importance of faith.  It also teaches us the importance and real meaning of family.  This is the first book by Nancy Mehl I read and I plan on reading some more REAL soon!  There was no cursing or inappropriate subject matters.  It is a good read for any age. I highly recommend this book and can assure you - you won't be disappointed.  I am glad i got a chance to review it. Thank you Bethany House and Nancy Mehl for giving me the opportunity!

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