Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Brickmaker's Bride by Judith Miller

I got this book free from Bethany House for my honest review.  And honestly, I loved it!!  It really was a great story.  I learned more about brickmaking than I ever knew I wanted to know..LOL.. but I enjoyed learning it!  Who knew color mattered?  Or how it was smoked?  I loved learning about it. The characters are larger than life.  Some miserable - others down right lovable!!  You can feel their hurt and pain and joy and love.  It is well written and a nice read.  It involves the hard decisions we need to make about our future and whether someone would find us lovable as we are.  Should we just assume someone will not care for us because of a flaw?  Or should we allow them to make that choice.  The lesson I learned was that sometimes we decide things for others and it is not even a concern of theirs.  What others value and what we think they value can be very different things and we should never decide for them.  Also, the thought that people can change is strongly stressed. I am sure you will enjoy this read. Judith Miller tells a nice story and keeps you engaged.

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