Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOW! It's been a year!

So, it's been that long since I visited my blog and wrote about my life. A lot has happened in a year. Mainly, I've become more focused on the more important things. I am hoping to get inspired to write in my blog on a more regular basis and I hope you will check back with me and see what is going on. I recently watched the movie, Julie and Julia. It inspired me to, not only try some new recipes, but also to start blogging again. The power of blogging is undeniable. Great movie, btw.. a few problems with it, but over all worth watching. Updates since last May... well, there has been quite a few, but most of all, we have a new member to our family. WELCOME GIDGET!! She showed up in our garage and decided she was going to live at our house! Cats are soooo good at convincing you what THEY As someone dear to me just reminded me... they own you, you don't own them! This has mostly proved true in her case. Like the times she walks down Chad's body at night just to jump off the bed (and get his attention I suppose) or how she has to sleep on MY pillow..even though she has one of her own! Or, most recently how she begs me to play with her first thing in the morning with the laser light. She sits and stares me down until I cave!! Hehe.. But don't let me fool you.. I love every minute of it. A friend recently asked "What is the point of owning such an independent creature?" Well, I could blog all day about how she has to be with me in every room or how she loves to play fetch like a dog or how she reaches her arms up like a child when she wants to be picked up, but my best response happened 2 days later. She caught her first mouse...YES - it was in the house (this time of year the field mice are trying to get inside.. I guess because the farmers are planting their crops.) Glad to have her kill that mouse that him eat my food or crawl on my stuff and infest it with germs while I sleep!! So, today's blog is dedicated to the cat... whether he/she is indoors or outdoors, a snuggler or an independent critter, long hair or short - they deserve our salute and love. After all, as Sigmund Freud put it so well, Time spent with cats is never wasted.

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So now I can hear from you more often! :) LisA