Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making an image into a card..

Just quickly posting how I made this image of my niece, Hayley, into a card. I first changed the image into black and white. Then I used a program I have to change it to a coloring book image. Sometimes you have to manipulate it a bit to get it to work right (mostly lighten it). I then cropped and added some wild animal images to it in place of her dog, Miley. (Trust me.. she was NOT happy about that!!). I wanted to "place" her in the new world that Jehovah God promises us. I added the scripture and printed it out. Here is the resulting image and the card I made for my family with it. It was a really fun process and I have learned much more about doing it since then. I hope to make many more in the future. Enjoy!!

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Liz said...

Hi what program did you use to change it into a coloring book?