Monday, April 30, 2012

It's CDAC time again!

So sorry I haven't been on here much lately. Spent the weekend in the hospital with hubby.  Having chest pains, but they are sure its not his heart (he has a congenital heart condition anyway). VERY SCARY! I am pretty sure it is due to some meds he was on (antibiotic/antifungal) that have also messed with his blood sugar (he is not diabetic).  Anyway - we are changing his diet and trying to fix the problem.   I didn't think I was going to get this card done on time..but here it is.  It was a simple and fun card. The image is by Wax Fruit Company.  Isn't it wonderful?  There were a lot of fun ones this time. If you haven't already, you should come join us here.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to have more fun in the near future. I have been so wrapped up in taking care of him lately - I have had little time for fun.  But hopefully things will settle down.  Thanks again! Look forward to hearing your comments! hugs!!


Linda w said...

Sorry to hear you and hubby have had such a scare. I hope he is feeling more comfortable, at least. Keeping you in prayer. It's a great card, I'd like to have a go at one similar. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs lin

Kate said...

Sorry to hear about your Hubby. I hope he is better.

Your card is Gorgeous. Thank you so much for playing the CDAC PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE


Anonymous said...

Patti~I'm sorry to hear about hubby. I hope they get things fixed around soon. We just don't feel well when things aren't right with our bodies. Your card is lovely.