Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Just wanted to fill everyone in on the floods in our area. We are safe where we live, but it is a mess around here. We know two families that live near the river. One of them has a really nice BIG ole house that they have redone and filled with antiques. It is beautiful!! As of this morning when I talked to Joyce, they were ok. The river had not risen this morning, although the news reported it had risen a foot and a half in some nearby areas. It is 3o feet over its normal state. The other friends we have live in a small trailer. They were asked to evacuate the area last night. Haven't heard yet what has happened today. But all are safe and ok. I called our friends in Nashville, TN today. It was a scary phone call. She basically said (In under 30 seconds!) that they were living in chaos and life was not good, but they were fine and no one had died! Felt a LITTLE worse after the conversation - because there is so much more I want to know.. but she was in a rush and going a little crazy. Will try her again sometime. So, that's the story for now. Back in 1937 there was a HUGE flood here in KY. I am going to attach some links. One of the more interesting stories from that time is about a cow that ended up standing on a second story balcony when the waters subsided. There is a mural in Paducah and I think a restaurant. I will attach a story about that also if I can find it. Chad and I are safe at the moment. Its just further signs of the times!! Buckle your seatbelt.. it's headed your way next!!! (or probably sometime soon!) And remember, we are one day closer to the new world!!

** Correction... the flood of 1913 is the one that had the cow story. Notice the pic above.. upper right hand corner..

The Great Flood of 1937
Wall Murals painted in Paducah<> (this is really cool in person! Come see!)
Nashville, TN flood pictures


LisA said...

Thanks for the update! Poor friends in Nashville! I've been praying for them.

Cortney said...

Oh WOW! A cow on the second story balcony. Keep us posted. Have the waters subsided any since last week?