Monday, December 15, 2008


We're having an ice storm today. Started out as rain last night and has turned into little balls of sleet. Supposed to continue throughout the night into tomorrow! Brings back fearful memories of last year's ice storm when we were without power and heat for a few days. It was miserable and COLD! But we made out a lot better than others. Our landlord generously allowed us to use his propane heaters to keep warm and keep the pipes from freezing and we got power back relatively shortly compared to some that went for weeks and others that even went for MONTHS without power. Hopefully this storm will not prove to be that dangerous.. so far so good. But they did say on the news that Marion is short on ice for the roads. So they were only treating trouble spots. Aren't all spots TROUBLE.. when there is ice involved? Anyway.. we are staying inside and out of those trouble spots.. HOPEFULLY! Take care and keep warm tonight..

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