Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Windy Wednesday

Hello! It sure was blustery out today! Sorry this is getting out so late. I guess I need to pick a good time to blog and try to stick to it so you all know when to check in. I'll let you know when I figure it out! Well, I did my good deed for the day today and I thought it was a great thing to 'blog' about. We were at Wal-Mart and I was checking out. I happened to chat with the woman in front of me as she was buying a LOT of animal food. She informed me that she had 2 cats and 3 dogs (or was it 2 dogs and 3 cats? Not sure). Anyway, she left and the woman behind the check out was chit chatting with us and asking me a bunch of questions (especially after she found out I was from NY - she wanted to know - why was I in KY? Did I like it? How long have we been here? See why I love it here.. everyone is so friendly! Yes.. too much sometimes.. but we survive!). When she handed me my bags, I noticed the contents of the bag was not familiar.. so I peeked inside and saw it was cans and cans of cat food! I told her it belonged to the woman in line before me and she called the service desk to try to get someone from there to go catch her. She said "She's probably still there - she had a lot of big bags of food to take out." Plus, she was an older woman and was moving a little slower than the rest of us! So, the woman at the service desk just put the bag down and didn't even attempt to look for the woman! Granted, it is blustery and cold outside - but I thought 'shouldn't she at least try?' Well, when we had paid - I went out, while Chad was getting the bags together and saw she was about to leave. I told her what happened and told her to wait and I would go get the bag for her. The woman at customer service said "well, I didn't know what she looked like!!" I thought - and yes I kept it to myself - "the woman with all the dog food bags.. not that hard to figure out". But I just smiled and took the bag to her and she was VERY thankful for me to do that. And you know what? It made me feel good. I felt like I helped someone out. And instead of her going home and searching frantically for her cat food.... as I have done in the past (no, not cat food - but other things)...she could have peace of mind. And maybe - just maybe - she would think of the person that did something nice for her and smile. And if not, I am smiling inside just thinking that she might..hehehe.. So, no matter how busy you may be today or how much extra time it may take.. try to do something kind - no matter how big or small - for another person. Just see how it makes you feel. And maybe in turn, they will do something nice for the next person they come across. Don't you think we all need to show more kindness to others? Its a requirement from the Bible and there is good reason for it. You'll see why when you do it! Hope your Wednesday is a good one. Keep Smiling!

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