Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday's TidBits

So, as far as the shark goes.. it was GOOD! The recipe I used I would NOT recommend. It wasn't horrible, but it was really really strong spices and I think it overpowered the shark. The shark itself was great.. sweet and tender, but the texture was good. It wasn't super light and flaky like Tilapia, but thicker. Hard to describe. I just really encourage you to be brave and try it. And it wasn't very fishy tasting.. surprisingly, because it smelled a little fishy before I cooked it. Add this to your 'something new to do' list!
Today I wanted to talk about Freecycle. Has everyone signed up for it? It's a great program that is available in your area. It's a place where you can give away something instead of putting it in the recycle bin or garbage heap. Anothers trash is someone's treasure. Although I am not saying to offer something that REALLY should be thrown away, but things that someone else may be able to use or repair. Ex: Chad (my hubby) got a John Deere Riding Mower that someone just couldn't repair (her husband was in the military and he told her to go buy a new one rather than try to fix this one). Alll it needed was to unclog the fuel filter. It works fine now! Granted, this is something extreme and it is usually smaller things that are offered. I have gotten a food dehydrator and a microwave and 2 brand new seat massagers - just to mention a few treasures! But for it to work - you have to join! The more that join - the better it works. It's easy to join - just go to and look up your local area (ex: Crittenden County, KY - beware not to pick crittenden county, AZ .. like I did in the past.. lol). So try it out! See what you might be interested in and look around your house.. what do you have that you can offer to someone else who can really use it? It's so much fun to give and to get! One word of advice.. sign up for the individual emails if you are really serious about this.. you HAVE to be quick to respond to a new add. Its pretty much a first come - first served deal. Let me know how things go for you!
Well, thats about all for today. Now you have 2 new things to try: Freecycle and shark!! Keep it interesting!

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