Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's 'Tails'

...Squirrel Tails that is! HeeHee... We had a really cute squirrel experience today! Ok, let me back up. A few months back I received a bunch of Walnuts with the intentions of doing something fun with them. Well, to make a long story short.. it never happened! Instead the Kiddie (or dog!) pools they were drying in got full of water and finally Chad dumped them out. Today, Jaxson started going CRAZY when he was looking out the window! Barking and jumping and wanting to go out. Usually that happens when his friends are here to play. Well, after a few times of this silliness..hehe.. we went and looked at what he was barking at. Here is what we saw: A sweet little squirrel, running to the pile of nuts to pick out a juicy one, then to a small tree in our yard. He stopped here and looked around - using his tail to cover him because it was raining very hard out! - then continuing on his business. We watched him take nuts to about 6 different trees. For only one tree, he stopped on the tree next to it, broke open the hard shell on the outside to the actual nut inside, continued on to the next tree to hide his treasure. The rest of the trees he left the walnuts whole. I am wondering if he isn't going to eat the nuts in that tree first? One tree is a small bush and he just buried the nut on the ground under a pile of leaves. The rest he took way up high to store. He was working at this all day long. To help you understand... I had to kiddie pools about 1/2 way full of nuts.. now we have about 1/2 of a what was left in 1 kiddie pool!! I am actually glad he is taking them away -what will we do with them? I didn't even imagine they were any good to eat. Chad said "well, maybe not for us!" Good point. This little guy worked all day hiding these nuts. Can you see a lesson for us? Jehovah God promises to take care of us - and he will as He is taking care of this little squirrel.. IF we let Him. Also, can you imagine someone believing that evolution made this squirrel know how and where to hide his nuts? Impossible! We thank Jehovah for these little things that help us appreciate our life and stop and think about Him. All that from a squirrel!
PS> Look very closely at the pic.. you will see him at the base of the tree with a nut in his mouth!

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