Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday's Whimsy

Just a brief thought for tonight. Did you ever notice that people usually laugh when they are running in the rain? Not always.. because some people never laugh (if this is you.. you know it.. so cheer up). But a LOT of times people cannot help but laugh or at least smile in a rain shower. Why is this?? My first thoughts on this brought me to thinking about when I was a kid. As kids, we always ran in the rain. Do you remember begging your mom or dad to let you go out. Sometimes it was too cold or too dangerous. But other times it was just right. Mom and Dad said Go ahead.. run.. laugh.. jump in puddles. Our mom even gave us a bar of soap if we wanted. Taking a shower was never so much fun as at that moment! So as adults -- when we smile or laugh as we run in the rain -- are we being transported back to a simpler time in our life. When we had less worries and didn't feel 'stupid' running around. If someone saw us running today when the sun was shining.. say running to our car in the parking lot... they would think we were crazy. But when we run in the rain to our car.. it is accepted and ok. All is right in the world.. well, except for the rain. Shouldn't we be thankful to Jehovah God for giving us a blessing like rain? Not only to make things grow and bloom, but to make us remember what life should be like? So next time it rains...RUN AND LAUGH.. and know that God is watching and laughing along with you.

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